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This table contains the nest visit status codes to use with the Maritimes Nest Record Cards.

Visit Status Codes

Select up to 3 codes to describe the status of the nest on each visit

Nest Building Stage

N0 = Nest site empty
N1 = Nest 1/4 built
N2 = Nest 1/2 built
N3 = Nest 3/4 built
N4 = Nest complete, unlined
NC = Nest completed
NL = Nest complete, lined


CO = Cold
CV = Covered
DE = Developing embryo present
FR = Fresh
HA = Hatching
PI = Pipping/calling from egg
UN = Uncovered
WA = Warm


AY = Audible young in nest
BL = Blind
DO = Downy (young still in nest)
EY = Eyes open
FL = Primary feathers large; more than 2/3 emerged from sheath
FM = Primary feathers medium; 1/3 - 2/3 emerged from sheath
FS = Primary feathers short; less than 1/3 emerged from sheath
IP = Primary feathers in pin
LB = Left naturally before fledging
NA = Naked
ON = Young outside of underground nest
RF = Ready to fledge
TO = Egg tooth present
YB = Young banded
YP = Young present but not counted

Adult Activity

Combine codes (e.g. AN = adult on nest, FF = female feeding young

A = Adult
M = Male
F = Female
P = Pair
B = Building nest or carrying nest material
D = Dead
F = Feeding young at nest
N = On/at/flushed from nest
T = Trapped at/near nest
V = In vicinity of nest

Nest Outcome Codes

Select one or two outcome codes to indicate best evidence for success or failure of the nest. For partially succesful nests, (i.e. where only part of brood fledges) write both success and failure codes.

Outcome: Success

AC = Adult carrying food near nest
EX = Young 'exploded' from nest when inspected
HS = Hatched shell fragments in empty nest (e.g. plovers, gamebirds, ducks, etc.)
MR = Banded young retrapped/resighted after fledging
NE = Nest empty, undisturbed with well-trodden lining containing feather scale and/or droppings
NN = Fledged young seen near nest
SL = Young seen leaving (fledging) naturally
SY = Some young fledged, other live young still in nest
VA = Adult visibly agitated or giving alarm calls near nest
YC = Young capable of leaving nest on previous visit

Outcome: Failure

Combine codes for right and left columns (e.g. EP = predation at egg stage, XF = flooded at unknown stage)

E = At egg stage
J = At young stage
X = At egg or young stage
A = Eggs not hatched (infertile/addled)
B = Injured/broken
C = Killed/thrown out by Cowbird
D = Deserted/starved/dead
E = Empty damaged nest
F = Flooded
I = Human causes - intentional
J = Empty undamaged nest
L = Livestock
M = Human causes - unintentional
O = Other/unknown
P = Predation
T = Thrown/fallen out
U = Usurped from nest by other bird species
W = Wind damage

Outcome: Unknown

OU = Unknown
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